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Banquet Rooms

* Capacity represents # of people

Silk & Pearl (1st floor)

Silk : 80-150 / Pearl : 30-70

The Silk and Pearl banquet rooms, along with the adjacent pre-function waiting room, can be used for a variety of purposes including receptions, meetings, and banquets. These rooms are easily accessed from the hotel's main entrance, so they are ideal for public events.

The Silk room has an understated elegance and the feel of a banquet room in an exclusive residence. With dark mahogany flooring, fine fixtures, and regal mirrors on the walls, the room has a majestic feel. The Pearl room has a lighter feel. It also has flooring, but its refined use of glass gives it an open and airy feel.

Pacific (3rd floor)

Capacity : 150-350

This room combines classical elegance with modern styling. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of Yokohama, and the interior of the banquet room is coordinated in a rose motif that imparts a regal and bright ambiance. It also includes three areas such as a lounge area with comfortable sofas, a highly-styled dining area, and spacious outside balcony (210 m2). This room easily conforms to the style of your event to create a relaxing party environment.

InterContinental Ballroom (3rd floor)

Capacity : 360-700

The ballroom was completely renovated in 2000, and it can be used for a broad array of parties and events. Its ambiance evokes the elegance and grandeur of southern European cathedrals, and it is the perfect venue for wedding receptions. With a capacity of up to 700 guests, the ballroom can be used for functions of many sizes.

Aegean (3rd floor)

Capacity : 40-80

The Aegean also provides expansive views of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and harbor area as a backdrop for the event. The interior is coordinated in Pierre Deux French Country fabrics, a brand that is also popular in Europe and the United States. The carpet is a soothing ocean blue, and it is harmonized with warm yellow wall fabric to create a refreshing and airy Southern European feel.

Bay View Party Room (3rd floor)

Capacity : 80-150

With a window covering the width of an entire wall, the Bay View party room provides a spectacular panoramic view of the harbor. This sophisticated and cheerful environment can be used for a variety of purposes including parties, business meetings, and seminars.

Atlantic (3rd floor)

Capacity : 60-100

The Atlantic boasts a chic, single-tone look. The room lets in plenty of natural light which is enhanced by mirrors that reflect the outside landscape. In effect, this banquet room provides its own lighting director. Yokohama's landmark scenery such as the red brick warehouse and the giant Ferris wheel unfold in front of the windows. The Atlantic is a versatile room that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, during the day it is perfect for a stylish afternoon wedding, and at night the dazzling lights of the city create the ideal scene for a cocktail party.

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